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K2’s Key Features

  • High sensitivity DAB and DAB+ reception
  • Internet radio with Wi-Fi
    and wired LAN connectivity
  • Easy access to over 15,000
    internet radio stations and podcasts
  • Wirelessly stream music
    from your PC or MAC
  • FM radio reception with RDS
  • Compatibility with Revo's Radio Control iPod/iPhone App
  • Connectivity for Apple devices via retractable motorized dock
  • Large, secret-until-lit graphical OLED display
  • Multi-driver acoustic design creates near 360 degree soundfield
  • Patented Balanced Mode Radiator speaker technology
  • Twin Class-D amplifiers producing 40W of clear digital audio
  • Digital alarm clock functionality with Sleep and Snooze
  • Stereo RCA, optical out and AUX-IN connectors
  • iPod / iPhone / iPad video out connector
  • 3.5mm headphone connector
  • Full feature remote control
  • Multi-country power supply
    (UK, Euro, USA)

What’s Included?

  • Compact remote control
  • Multi-country power supply
    (UK, Euro, USA)
  • Operating Guide
  • Warranty Card

Audio Specification

  • Drivers:
    4 x 58mm square HiWave Balanced Mode Radiator full range drivers utilising neodymium magnet systems
  • System Power:
    40W (2 x 20W), unclipped
  • Frequency Response:
    85Hz to 20kHz (-6dB)
  • Acoustic Configuration:
    Bass reflex enclosure
    with port tuned to 90Hz
  • Sensitivity:
    90dB (SPL)/W @ 1m
  • Maximum SPL:
    104dB (SPL) at 1m, calculated both channels operating

The radio, reimagined

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K2 Frame

The ultimate contemporary
digital radio device

K2 is a towering column of aluminium and moulded rubber, capable of delivering reception of a wide variety of radio formats including DAB, DAB+, FM and Internet radio. K2 also offers full audio and video playback from a variety of Apple devices and the ability to wirelessly stream music files from any connected PC or Mac.

K2's proprietary audio hardware effortlessly produces 40 watts of room-filling high resolution digital audio, courtesy of a quartet of neodymium Balanced Mode Radiator speaker drivers and dual Class-D amplifiers. The result is near 360 degree dispersion, providing a massively expanded listening sweet-spot, detailed high-end clarity, rich tones and deep bass.

K2's hardware specification includes a large, graphical, secret-until-lit OLED display, motorised dock, and an array of connection options including stereo RCA and digital optical out, Apple video out, and 3.5mm headphone jack.

K2 - Made for iPod and iPhone

Material advantage

K2 has been meticulously developed using only the highest quality materials. Its case work has been constructed using glass fibre filled ABS for rigidity, then clad head to foot in anodised aluminium. Visible plastics have a soft touch coating, and K2's base and control pad are manufactured from rubber, for maximum tactility.

330mm (H) x 106mm (W) x 106mm (D)

Surface finish:
Silver Aluminium.

K2 - the tower of song

Intelligent acoustic design

K2 incorporates four Balanced Mode Radiator speaker drivers that utilise rare earth magnetics and bending wave technology with pistonic motion, to create the full audio range. The result is near 360 degree dispersion and a massively extended listening sweet spot.

K2 digitises audio at greater than CD quality, then uses proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to deliver superior audio quality and power. The perfect loudspeaker would radiate all sound frequencies equally, however the dimensions, corners and sides of the speaker enclosure colour the sound. By measuring the response of K2 in the lab, and then using Digital Signal Processing to create an equal and opposite response, we are able to create a big speaker sound from what is a relatively compact device.

K2 - better by design

K2's twin Audium Class-D power amplifiers employ variable power supply architecture, allowing the full 16 bit digital audio resolution to be realized even at low volumes. Creating crisp and clear reproduction of even the quietest pieces of music, and faithful reproduction of high dynamic range material.

K2's cabinet is constructed from glass fibre filled ABS, to provide the rigidity that is so vital to exceptional acoustic performance. While the rear mounted bass port has been specially modelled to boost low-end performance and eliminate audio turbulence.

Other MP3 Players
Other iPod models and alternative brands of media player can also be connected easily to K2 via a standard 3.5mm auxiliary cable.

iPod Video
K2 is equipped with composite video out connectors, allowing you to view iPod/iPhone/iPad movies, slideshows etc. on your television.

Made for Your Tunes: K2 is compatible with all the following models of iPod and iPhone:

K2 iPod compatibility

RadioControl for iPod/iPhone

This innovative and easy-to-use application not only acts as a full remote control to select DAB, FM, Internet Radio, and control volume up/down, play, pause, love/ban and EQ settings, but also enables users to access and control the playback of their entire music library from any Windows 7 PC or DLNA-compliant device. Multiple devices attached to the network can be selected and controlled by the app individually.

Revo RadioControl

Revo RadioControl

RadioControl will be available free of charge
from the Apple iTunes AppStore from
Monday the 17th of October 2011.

Download the RadioControl User Guide

Revo RadioControl