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Mondo Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Internet Radio Adaptor

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Add A World Of Radio Choice

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48mm (H) x 130mm (W) x 179mm (D)

MONDO Wi-Fi is designed to allow anyone with a hi-fi set-up and a Wi-Fi broadband connection to access over 7,500 radio stations from around the globe, via the internet.

How about listening to samba from Brazil’s Radio Caraibas, New Orleans Jazz from WWOZ or even live baseball from New York on WFAN 660.

MONDO Wi-Fi connects to any sound system that has RCA inputs, be it a boombox or mini system. It then links to any broadband Wi-Fi connection to stream both live and ‘Listen Again’ internet radio broadcasts. Additionally, you can play music files stored on any networked PC or Apple Mac in your home.

Key Hardware Features

  • Connects to any hi-fi or sound system with RCA connectors
  • Built-in Wi-Fi hardware
  • Digital alarm clock with snooze feature
  • Large white-on-black LCD display
  • Brushed aluminium casing
  • Sleek, compact design
  • Headphone connector
  • Includes infra-red remote control with preset

Key Internet Radio Features

  • Easy access to over 7,500 internet radio stations from around the globe
  • Search by genre or country
  • Access “Listen Again” services such as those operated by the BBC
  • Listen to worldwide Podcasts
  • Real Media, MP3 and WMA compatible
  • Wirelessly stream music stored on your PC or Mac

What’s Included

  • Compact remote control
  • RCA connection leads
  • 240v power supply
  • Operating Guide
  • Warranty Card

No Rules, No Frontiers

With internet radio there is massive choice, no subscription charges and no international boundaries.

Media Player

MONDO Wi-Fi also offers full media player functionality, enabling the user to listen to audio tracks stored on PCs or Apple Macs connected to the same local Wi-Fi network.


Using MONDO Wi-Fi couldn’t be simpler, with no complicated set-up operations and no software to load.

Wi-Fi Connection

MONDO Wi-Fi automatically connects to your existing Wi-Fi network and uses your broadband connection to access the Reciva Internet Radio Gateway.  The Gateway then uploads the very latest station listings to MONDO Wi-Fi automatically – leaving the user to simply select a station by country or genre… and enjoy some great radio.

Station List

There are currently more than 7,500 stations listen on the Reciva Gateway, with more added every day.  Reciva monitor and review the station list on a daily basis meaning that MONDO Wi-Fi will always have the latest stations.  Every time MONDO Wi-Fi is switched off and back on again, it will automatically download the latest station list.