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What our customers have to say

Just brought a Pico Wi-Fi radio, what a fantastic piece of kit. So easy to set up and setting up music files with Windows Vista couldn't have any easier. Pass on my thanks to the genius who invented this.

B.R Amos, Pico Wi-Fi Customer

A short e-mail to say how impressed Sharon and I are with our new Blik. It really is very good and by far the best sounding and highly featured internet radio available today.

For us, the clear sound and sleep function are absolutely essential and the Blik performs very well. I am sure that the other ex pats in the Languedoc will love the model (particularly the price!). Nothing better than waking up to Jim Naughtie (in my case) or that other Scot, Ken what's-his-name on Radio 2 (for our friends).

I will email again after Christmas. Until then I wish you and your family a very happy seasonal break.

Tony, Blik Wi-Fi Customer

Thank you and Seasons Greetings to all at Revo. My recently purchased Pico Internet Radio is fantastic - I still can't quite believe what it has brought to my life. Right now I have a US Bluegrass station playing - tonight I might explore Morocco! May you ever prosper.

A Norton, Pico Wi-Fi Owner

The Blik Wi-Fi unit holds pride of place in our personnel systems, Innovating design that compliments the eye and works flawlessly for Internet radio listening, REVO Guys & Girls have thought the design out extremely well, the sound from the product is pleasing to the ear, smooth and clear, easy to navigate menu and a operating manual to match. A solid unit that is worth every penny!

We have used the BLIK Wi-FI unit on one of our functions to receive a stream from another part of the building that would have been a cabling nightmare and hooked up to via amp to produce perfect reproduction in that area...A first for us.

Highly recommended product


This device is outstanding and makes conventional radio receivers redundant.With over 8000 stations to choose from you have the whole world before your ears. Sound quality is good for such a small speaker and the set up menu is very easy to use. Overall for the radiophile the is a must have product.

J Shirley, Pico WiFi Customer

I have just received my Revo pico Wi-Fi radio. May I congratulate you on producing such a marvellous radio. I am a bit of an amateur linguist and I have enjoyed listening to various world stations this morning. I am also going to enjoy sampling world music. Thanks once again!

Martin Hills

it’s brilliant!.... I love my black pico and I love plugging my i-pod into it- Black picos are supreme!

Pico Owner, Euan Sandison, Edinburgh

This is my first venture into internet radio, just what have I been missing, it blows the pants off conventional radio.

The radio is small, don't let that fool you. It packs a real punch. I find the sound quality from the speaker is very good. The case feels solid and I think it looks good. It is heavier than it looks. Operation through the menu is very easy and set up was a breeze.

When outside in the garden, garage, greenhouse or the shed I can take this with me without the need to plug it into the mains. As I type this, I'm listening to New Orleans blues radio.

One of the best items I have EVER bought.

Pico WiFi Customer

My god they are the best.

I had phoned the other day to ask a few questions and to say how great the Revo Pico is. I have been ranting and raving to everyone. I bought one for our office and it has revolutionized what we listen too. Before we were stuck with CD’s that people brought in – now we can listen to any type of music from all over the world. The wireless ability is fantastic as we have offices in the heart of London and have difficulty receiving the radio on a normal FM transmitter. I’m so pleased I’m going to save up to get one for my home.

Sophie Seymour, Pico Owner

I had a superb evening listening to New Orleans radio, (blues) and discovering a new world out there. This is the future without any shadow of a doubt.

Mike Schofield, Pico Wi-Fi Owner

You have a really excellent product, especially regarding the audio quality on high bit-rate stations!

Steve Hedge, Pico Wi-Fi Owner

I have just been given a pico wifi as a gift and I absolutely love it!!!

Frédérique Taylor, Pico Wi-Fi Owner

Just wanted to drop you a line to say WOW !!

I was out yesterday when the UPS man came around but I made sure I was in today!

Can I congratulate you on a fantastic Radio. I'm sitting here in deepest Worcestershire listening to morning DJ's in Melbourne entertaining the Aussie nation ! The quality is brilliant. But you know that because you sold this little beauty to me !!

Thanks very much for a fantastic product ! So far so good !! I LOVE IT !!!


Chris Roberts, Pico Wi-Fi Owner

You probably get this type of email all the time, however I felt compelled to drop you a note. I’ve just ordered a Revo Wi-Fi radio for my partner’s birthday. It arrived today and to say he’s delighted is an under-statement.

I just wanted to let you know your on-line system and customer service staff – I’m sorry I didn’t get his name – were a delight!!

For us Revo ticks all the boxes – the right mix of technologies – high quality – looks good – and fantastic customer service. (Was also pleased to find out that Revo are a Scottish company.)


Michaela Waddell, Pico Wi-Fi Owner

Dear Revo Support team, I just wanted to say thank you, and thank you again, for a really brilliant customer service over the last few weeks. I had ordered a Pico Wi-Fi to be delivered to me in Belgium and for those of you who spoke to me on the phone or replied to my emails - the Wi-Fi has safely arrived and thank you for your superb response in getting my order straightened out and on its way for Christmas. The sweets in the box were a nice touch too ;).

We do a lot of internet shopping and you have definitely been the best company I've dealt with in a very long time. Thank you again and may you have a good holiday season and successful 2008!

Melanie Hodge, Pico Wi-Fi Owner

After having bought several Pure DAB radios (increasingl awful) and the odd Roberts I came accross this one. Quite simply a superb piece of kit. Great sound and functionality and built in batteries that are re-chargeable. It's also spalsh-proof so I keep mine in the bathroom. I cannot recommend this radio highly enough.

Malcolm Allsop - Pico Owner - 5 STAR

Very pleased many thanks

Alan Jones - Pico+ Owner

great looking radio.

Rosemary McIlveen - Pico Owner

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how delighted I am with my Revo In-Car. I’ve just finished installing it in my C Class Mercedes and it’s working like a dream. I never expected to pick up so many stations!

James, Revo In-car Owner

As a professional musician, sound quality was the paramount consideration when deciding which DAB radios to purchase.

Having bought a Revo Uno and a Revo Pico+, I am delighted to say that I made the right decision. The sound quality is of a very high standard. The design and functionality of both of these high quality products is outstanding, making them very good value for money. It is also extremely rare to come across a company, whose employees are so efficient, dedicated to their customers and so proud of their products.

I would highly recommend Revo to all who appreciate top quality and value for money!

Martin J. Read, Pianist

Gorgeous radio - excellent service

Rev. Easter - Uno Owner

We are a Search marketing firm and have been looking for a product to promote to simply provide a case study on the effectiveness of our services. I found your UNO product off of some Scandinavian website after trawling the net looking for a DAB alarm clock that did not look ugly :-)

Damien Anderson - Uno Owner

First class product and service

Mr John Gavin - Uno Owner

Chose this as we were looking for a DAB radio that wouldn't collect grease in the kitchen. The box design of the Pico means there are no knobs and ridges that make some radios a nightmare to keep clean. The built in battery is much better than messing with batteries, I haven't timed it yet but 8 hours seems about right. When the sound begins to fade just plug it in and carry on listening while it re-charges itself.One worry was the small speaker but the sound quality is fine. Have had no problems with reception. Plugged it into the computer to transfer music to the memory card and found that it will only take MP3 files not Windows WAV. Had to download a programme to convert the files. But WAV files didn't need converting when played direct from my I-River player through the M Port. Overall well pleased with a very well designed and well built radio and player.

'Jolypapa' - Pico Owner- 5 STAR

very pleased with product, it could have a Bang and Olufsen badge on it as its very "minimalistic.

Mr Rod Stone - Pico Owner

I have made the best purchase ever with this product! what a cool little radio. Sound quality is fabby and I love the way i can have it anywhere in my flat with me as it is portable. It also looks funky and lets me plug my i-pod in . all my friends and colleagues are buying them up! definitely a product and company that's going places. loving it!

Marina - Pico Owner - 5 STAR

Arrived quickly, well packaged. Radio looks great in our bathroom!

Mr Paul Phillip Dewar - Pico Owner

I was recently given a Revo Pico+ for christmas. I am very impressed with the sound quality of the radio and of the recordings it. I would also like to mention that from all of my contact with your company through your website and over the phone, i have gained the impression that you all care about the products you. I find the record feature is excellent for taping radio shows that i enjoy.

David Neal - Pico+ Owner

After several weeks, I'm delighted with this radio. I'm no audiophile but the sound quality is much, much better than the old FM radio it has replaced, whether listening to DAB, FM or MP3s. And it is pretty easy to use. I'd echo all the comments made in the 5-star reviews of the standard Revo Pico.

So is is worth paying out extra for the Pico+? For that, you get the Timeshift feature, an SD card slot for recording or adding your own MP3 tracks and the remote control. The remote control has probably been the most useful, as it has more buttons than the main unit. It's especially handy when you have a baby in your arms. The timeshift feature is nice if you want to listen to a piece again, and very useful if you want to record it from the start, but I haven't actually used it that much.

John Falla - Pico+ Owner - 5 STAR

A quick note of praise and thanks to Revo and the guys who dealt with me on the phone last week.

Brief history: I bought an ex-demo In-car unit from a popular motoring, chain retailer about a month ago. Whilst the unit is scratched and generally shabby, it was a bargain and seems to work well enough for the money! However it was missing the aerial. A replacement was promised, but after nearly 4 weeks of phoning and visiting, I gave up and thought to check direct with Revo for availability. To my great surprise and delight one of your chaps immediately offered to stick one in the post.

Fantastic. A couple of quid on an aerial has already resulted in my browsing all your products – hitherto not known to me. There are a couple shortlisted!

Thanks again and I wish all companies sought to look after their customers as well as this.

Tony Cooks, Revo In-car Owner

Brilliant, got it all sorted over night! Thanks for a great bit of kit, I’m listening to Cruise from Adelaide!

Jeff Brown, Pico Wi-Fi Owner